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Family owned business.

Jeff has owned Arin Piano for over 35 years. He put a lot of time into the company and was able do something he loved every day.
He suffered a stroke in June and now the business has to close as he is unable to continue managing it in his current state. The only part of the business currently in operation is the piano sales. We have a lot of inventory left that we need to sell. The hope is for the business to close at the end of 2017.
Aaron worked for his father for over 20 years and has stayed on at this time to help with sales and moving the bought pianos.
This is hard for the whole family, but the start of a new chapter in their lives.
Please come and help us end on a high note!

Speak With Our Staff

Please call 763-424-3688 or 763-516-4213 to come see our inventory. All pianos sold as is with delivery in the metro area. Cash and check is only accepted payment at this time.
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